Web based frameworks

We as a company are often involved in creating web based tools and platforms for our customers and made us work with quite a rich set of various frameworks over the years. Here are some short reflections on the frameworks we have recently been using. Would be great if you 'd let us know what your own experiences have been on any of these.

Runs on Python based tools code in Java - sort of cool especially since Python is hidden, most of the time.

Formerly known as Groovy on Rails. We have built Boomerang using grails.

Nikoniansacademy.com was built with Appfuse. Theoretically you should be able to do roundtrip with Appfuse, but that did not work out well for us.

Jboss seam
nikoscope.com is built using seam. NikoScope uses a set of indexes to provide a mesh-up of search results, both from user profiles and public and semi-public content.

JSF + Rich faces + Prime faces
Hard to get by without JSF today. Remember all those old Struts projects that you needed to convert to JSF? Yes, we have done that as well, now with Rich faces life is better.

Our hard-core java guys seem to like this the best - no XML, no transformations, just java (and some HTML). Often good if you don't have much design elements.
Several projects, incl. GoodLocations was done using Wicket.

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