agile development - heavy or lightweight tools?

Quite a number of tools for agile software development are either too heavy, with loads of functionality you seldom use and they potentially come with a hefty price tag as well, or they are lightweight in any sense of the word, including a serious lack of core features. Boomerang Screen Shot We developed the freely available tool Boomerang for our own needs and we are using it consistently throughout our projects. It is - of course - a web based tool and we wrote it using the web framework grails. Boomerang takes care of backlogs, sprint plans, compilations of user stories, does burndown charts and provides access for various companies and customers to their own cockpits. The team working on the artifacts are assigned to the sprint, which contains expected velocity, total story points etc and are entering their time spent on the various tasks. Each task has its own detail view with user story and can link to Mantis entries as well. Additional fields can be added if needed. Data can be exported and PDF reports can be generated as well. What I personally really like is the cockpit where I can see the current burn down charts of the currently running projects. A single click on one chart takes me to that projects current sprint. You can test Boomerang online at the ITslaves community and there is also more info about it there. And no, IT slaves was not built using grails, but has been made on top of Liferay, a java based web portal.

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