Annotations, annotations ...

A new version of our annotation tool was released today, currently in use by the photography community Nikonians. The new release of Annotate Expert, V1.30, supports TIFF and PDF annotations in addition to the various RAW formats and JPG that it already supports. Another feature now included is tethered shooting, something that is of interest for auditors of construction sites, architects and real-estate brokers carrying their tablet PC's with them while capturing the object using an attached digital camera. Using eye-Fi's wireless technology, any regular DSLR camera can connect to the tablet PC directly, without cables and thanks to the tethered support, images can be annotated on the fly and sent to a collaboration platform, back to the home office or similar.

Annotations are comments bound to certain areas of an image. They are then stored into the image itself without destroying the original. The application indexes the annotations and automatically create keywords (automated ontology) of terms in use, making it easy to find images with certain tags/annotations.

Various exports of the annotated images can be done, with an automated layout engine included.

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