Scandinavian background

We were founded in May 2006 by the Swede Bo Stahlbrandt and have several offices in central and northern Europe (Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Belarus). Our headquarters are located in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, ca. 70km (45 miles) from Vienna, Austria.

We are nurturing our Scandinavian style of openess, supporting and helping our customers and each other while being honest and direct.

Continuous education

We provide continuous further education and individual guidance and support where needed. Our team consists of people who want to build a solid career over a longer period of time with us.

Innovative use of new technologies

Our continuous success is based upon understanding the potential of the Internet. We collaborate and communicate extensively through "the Net", delivering advanced cloud and enterprise mobility solutions based upon leading and proven technology, covering the complete project lifecycle.

Profitable and expanding together with our customers

We are profitable and reinvest into our company's expansion. We are independent and do not owe anything to anyone except to ourselves, to always be and deliver the best. Our customers are leading enterprises in their respective fields and we are proud to count on them as partners while doing our outmost to exceed their expectations upon us.

Our mission

We bring services and products improving our customers competitive edge, while delivering outstanding quality and value.

Our vision

We recognize we are a part of a rapidly changing world. Our vision is to help transforming it to a better society by helping our customers to fulfill their business dreams and to empower our people. We will achieve this by being accountable for:


Our values

To achieve our mission and realize our vision, we must live by our values. These are: